‘Tis the Season for Infomercials

Saturday, November 27th, 2010

Infomercials are at an all time high during this time of the year. Adweek’s ad critic, Barbara Lippert, snips a little fun at these infamous infomercials such as Snuggie and Shake Weights, while also arguing that infomercials “tap into the basic American spirit of hope”. Check the video out here.

Christmas, Xmas, or Just Happy Holidays for Ads

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

According to Advertising Age, whether or not to print the word ‘Christmas’ in advertisements is more controversial this past decade than ever before. According to the American Family Association (AFA), this year ‘merry Christmas’ will dominate in most marketing messages from retailers, but this won’t be the case in the next couple of years. Some companies already decided to avoid the word and stick to ‘Happy Holidays’ for their ads. Dick’s Sporting Goods has a history of excluding the word which has caused talks of boycott. Check out the list of companies that decided to avoid ‘Christmas’ in their ads and those that realize ’tis the season to be jolly.

Feature Post: Is Google Polluting the Internet

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

Google “search engine is no longer a search engine but the most powerful commercializing force on the Internet and degrades knowledge while celebrating consumerism.” This was found in Washington Post’s blog post from last week. Melissa Bell reported on Micah White, from Guardian, and his opinion on Google and what it is doing to the Internet as well as society. His opinion was far from positive, being that he believes that Google is fully responsible for our knowledge downfall. “Google is battling to become the dominant TV provider. Its phone platform just surpassed the iPhone. It markets YouTube, Web browsers, e-mail services.”

In this post, Bell did not interview anybody. Instead, she read an argument that White had previously stated about Google, and provided that in the article. Since it was provided, she critiqued/analyzed what he said found where she agreed, didn’t agree, or what was questionable. I think it would have been a better interview if she had actually interviewed White because the article she wrote appears to just be molded around statements and opinions that White previously had, rather than specific question she may have wanted answered.

There is no evidence that she did any outside research besides what White argued, so honestly the feature doesn’t even seem that credible. Knowing absolutely nothing about Bell besides being a reporter, there is no extrinsic evidence as to why she would even be credible for writing this story. Also, what I found annoying is that White’s opinion/argument was only provided in a link, so I had to read his part before I could even form an opinion on this article. I don’t have any questions I want answered, but rather more visuals whether it was through pictures or just words, how Google is basically monopolizing the entertainment/technology industry. Everything she wrote was more White said, rather than studies, facts, etc. say.

In the first three paragraphs we are just introduced to Google and touch on White. Bell tells us that Google has dumbed us basically by making researching so much easier and therefore causing us to be lazy.

The middle paragraphs go deeper into White’s opinion and how Google dominates without putting her opinion on whether she agrees or if she thinks it is negative on society or not.

The concluding paragraphs questions White’s opinions as well as if Google is really the base of the cause for us becoming dumber. She leaves it with a question at the end. This is my favorite part of the entire post because although I agree, it does make you question and just think back to how different everything used to be without google.

Glee v. Paranormal Activity 2

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

This week, AdAge posted a charticle in collaboration with Trendrr(a social-media tracking service). The charticle looked at two of the most tweeted franchises in pop culture right now, Glee and Paranormal Activity 2. Both are also the most advertised in pop culture right now.

Mobile Ads Suddenly Spark Interests

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

According to Adweek, mobile advertisements are becoming the new sensation. In 2011 they are expected to skyrocket to reach $1 billion. Looks like just another reason for us to be glued to our cellulars. Whatever works.

Website Response-Ontopinternetmarketing.com

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

On Top Internet Marketing Services is a website dedicated to small business owners to develop an Internet presence to generate more leads and sales. It focuses on ways for smaller business owners(especially “mom and pop” restaurants) to get the word out about their business without wasting a lot of money on business cards and yellow pages, which they have mentioned have become nothing more than door stops in this electronically driven society.

The company was founded in early 2010 by a married couple, Monique and Derek Alvarez, after both becoming fed up with, and quitting their corporate jobs/firms. After learning about Direct Sales principles and Internet Marketing, the couple managed to only offer their products and services to people who are already interested in buying what they have. Monique is now a Social Media Extraordinaire, and Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube are just a few ways she offers advice on getting information out to the public. Derek figured out how to get websites ranked at the top of Google, as well as get heaps of leads and sales through Google and Facebook Pay-per-click advertising, so this couple is far from lost in the Internet market.

Most importantly this corporation/website focuses on marketing your site, converting your visitors to loyal customers, and following-up with them through such avenues as Facebook Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Paid Ads, Email Marketing and Text Message Marketing.

The biggest weakness I see is just how the site is organized and displayed. The site provides quality information and I do believe the couple has credibility because they do identify their clients(and many are very recognizable), but the site could be more presentable, especially when marketing and advertising is their strength. When giving out such important information, you would think they would take their own advice. Their biggest strength is that they give a lot of do’s and dont’s, and although some of the advice may be common sense to some, it is extremely helpful and emphasizes the basics of advertising and marketing.

Three Articles to Check Out:
The Times Square Guide to Email Marketing: This article informs public about proper ways to set up email/Internet Advertisements. They make sure to emphasize to avoid busyness because too many choices sometimes turns consumers away.

Facebook Fan Pages and Advertising: They have found that “Facebook Advertising to send users to your Page can give a business “instant gratification” aka “instant results” because it’s like direct marketing, only with a better response, not to mention it’s easier to track.” This article also provides a video.

When Marketing Your Business…Don’t Whiz on the Electric Fence!: This article reminds business owners that with all of the ways that consumers block out commercials and other ads, you must be savvy in how you decide to promote your business.

Three Pitches:
1) With Apples new iAd, I would emphasize the merging of this company and at least one ad since they have finally gotten the idea of marketing to only the people interested in their product. This is what iAd specialized in and the converging of the two would make the company even more successful.
2) Being younger, and in a society where the entrepreneurs come along younger and younger, I would make a section directed specifically to the younger generation. For parents and those in the older generation, the step-by-step directions are helpful, but in a more fast-paced younger society, a branch off to the younger generations would make this company/site even stronger.
3) This site specifically targets small business owners, which is a plus because with the experience the founders have, as well as the marketing techniques they are providing, these business are sure to get their names out to the public. However, restaurant businesses are the only market they specifically target and there are going to be other steps when in other industries. They emphasize that not enough businesses are putting videos on facebook, and I believe by marketing not only to restaurants, but a broader category of industries, this company/site would be even more successful!

Intimately NOT Yours?

Monday, September 27th, 2010

David and Victoria Beckham’s new scent Intimately Yours is big talk this week over the internet, not for its release, but instead after David is accused of cheating AGAIN! This is the newest scent in the couple’s successful fragrance line and is available for him and her, although “her” might ponder going elsewhere if allegations are true. Looks like this time around David is not going down without a fight.