The Badfinger Saga

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

Outside of the Beatles themselves, Badfinger was the most popular act on Apple Records, with power pop anthems like “Day After Day,” the immortal “Without You” (later covered by Nilsson and Mariah Carey) and the insanely catchy “No Matter What” still getting airplay nearly 40 years after they were recorded. Alas, the story was not so pleasant behind the scenes, and lone surviving member Joey Molland recounts the highs and lows in a recent in-depth interview with Music Radar. Their entire Apple output was reissued with new bonus tracks last month and is well worth seeking out if you’re a Beatles fan (and who isn’t?).

The Beatles’ Best

Monday, October 18th, 2010

Although no respectable music collection is complete without the Beatles’ entire discography, tomorrow marks the reissue of two compilations that, taken together, provide a suitable slice of their catalog for casual fans. “1962-1966” and “1967-1970” serve as a beefier alternative to the “1” collection, including some of the band’s best album cuts and B-sides.

If you still haven’t gotten your Beatles fix, check out the recently reissued John Lennon solo catalog, along with the upcoming George Harrison/Ravi Shankar box set, the remastered Apple Records catalog and a deluxe release of Paul McCartney and Wings’ classic “Band on the Run.”