Skating with the stars? Seriously?

Written on November 29, 2010 – 10:06 am | by storres7

Finally done with the season of Dancing with the Stars! but wait, are we? A new show debuted on a low note after the season finally of Dancing with the Stars, its kind of the same concept but they won’t be mimicking professionals on their feet but on skates! The new reality, Skating with the Stars debuted shortly after the popular series and their numbers were less than decent… Read more about it here.

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  2.   By coliver5 on Nov 29, 2010 |

    I saw the commercial for it the other day. Seriously they don’t have any original ideas to put on TV anymore.

  3.   By katierobertson on Nov 30, 2010 |

    There’s literally not a single “star” on that show!

  4.   By sweettea on Nov 30, 2010 |

    This is not real life. Sad to say, my mother watches this garbage O.o

  5.   By capriciaalston on Nov 30, 2010 |

    This is absolutely ridiculous. At the rate television is going, we will all be on television soon being identified as “celebrities” or “stars”. I really didn’t recognize majority of the “stars” on this show and it’s probably because this whole show idea is just as sad to REAL celebrities as it is to us.

  6.   By mwhitfie on Nov 30, 2010 |

    Officially boycotting ABC.

  7.   By ohstalon06 on Dec 1, 2010 |

    You know…this is the perfect reason WHY I watch “Monday Night Raw” on USA Network. Stuff like this..just bores me to tears and I feel like I’d rather watch some dudes beat up on each other before going to bed. Its a heck of a lot better than watching non-entities skate around on ice…this thing fails after one season, mark my words.

  8.   By msathmar on Dec 1, 2010 |

    When will these “reality” show producers give up? You can only do so many different kinds of shows featuring celebrities doing mundane tricks.

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